in paris and down under

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“Yo Dutch, remember,” Janice calls after me, “I’m Super model and you're Stupid Model.

Written and illustrated by Barbara de Vries, a former model who is best known as the design director who created the CK collections for Calvin Klein, Stupid Model, set in the sexist and feminist seventies, is as modern as Nasty Woman. When seventeen-year-old Dutch model Bee Berger arrives in Paris she finds herself face to face with Janice Dickinson, who tells her Yo Dutch, I'm a supermodel and you're just another Stupid Model. It's all downhill from there as horny men constantly try to talk her out of her clothes, from photographer Jean Loup Sieff who is casting an Yves Saint Laurent campaign to the couturier Courreges who kicks her out when Bee rebels and fights back. After an ignominious start in Paris, Bee is sent her to Australia to compete in an ill-fated modeling competition and ends up alone below Sydney Bridge with a wealthy but creepy


hotel developer, who takes her passport away, dresses her in provocative designer clothes and claims that she needs his protection. Unlike most model memoirs, Stupid Model takes a satirical inside look at the fashion world, where young women are treated like mere things that can be groped, used and abused without recourse. Bee enters this world with enthusiasm, faith and naiveté as well as a healthy dose of Dutch feminist righteousness that gets her both in and out of trouble. She blunders from one drama to the next while trying to fit in, acting stupid and taking her top off as needed, until she's had enough and plots her way to independence. Fun, ironic, brutally honest, adventurous, introspective, and hilarious, Stupid Model is a roller coaster of emotions that will make the reader laugh out loud.


the back of the book is where you usually read what famous people have said about the author (hoping it will make you buy the book).

 This is what I came up with:

“You were such a cute model” - Kate Moss (at the Hollywood Bowl, LA)


“I can’t shoot you today... or ever” - Helmut Newton (by a British swimming pool, in the rain)


“You are very talented” - Calvin Klein (when I worked for him, NYC)


“I’m Super Model and you’re stupid model” - Janice Dickinson (Paris)


“I am George Clooney !!!” - George Clooney (on his tippytoes to kiss me, Bahamas)


“You look beautiful” - Patrick Demarchelier (on my wedding day, Hamptons)


Sortez!  Get out!!” - André Courrèges (Paris)